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AWA provides custom woodworking for new performing arts center in Frenchtown NJ

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

You may have noticed - it’s hard to miss in fact - that there are exciting things going on in Frenchtown NJ. Like many of the river communities, Frenchtown has long been a home to artists and craftsmen seeking inspiration and space to create. In recent years the arrival of ArtYard has transformed this quiet town into a destination for people interested in contemporary art. ArtYard describes itself as a contemporary art center that is “an incubator for creative expression and a catalyst for collaborations that reveal the transformational power of art.” ArtYard occupies three buildings in Frenchtown which are used for film screenings, gallery and artist residency programs.

Just before the shut-downs in the spring of 2020, ArtYard broke ground on a new performing arts center just off the main street of Frenchtown. After a temporary halt in construction, work is back in progress, and many local tradespeople and artists are part of the team bringing this vision to life. Architectural Woodworking Associates is thrilled to be providing custom millwork, built-ins and panelling for the building. Here are some shots of work in progress.

Form for creating a custom arched door jam.

Components of the arched doorway before getting glued up.

Arched door in the process of getting "glued up".

Custom arched door jam in progress

Custom arched door jam in finishing

Architectural Woodworking is not new to custom work for public spaces. When the historic Doylestown County Theater and Ambler County theaters were opened over a decade ago, Architectural Woodworking built both the concession and ticket stands for both theaters. The County Theatre in Doylestown is currently undergoing an expansion, and Architectural Woodworking will again be building a custom concession stand, helping to preserve the character and quality of these important cultural gathering places,

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